Electric and Hybrid New Vehicles at Motorvogue Changing to a more environmentally friendly vehicle is more simple than you may think.

Making the Switch to Alternative Fuel Vehicles

With a wide selection of vehicles now available with Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid or full Electric powertrains, discover the benefits and the model best suited to your needs at Motorvogue in Bedford, Kings Lynn, Northampton and Norwich.


Hybrid cars have a regular combustion engine at their heart that’s assisted to varying degrees by an electric motor to achieve low emissions. The batteries that power the motor are charged by the engine and via regenerative braking. ‘Plug-in’ hybrid models have larger batteries that can also be charged from the mains for extra range. They can run on electric power alone in order to achieve zero emission driving.


Electric cars are petrol / diesel free and run solely on battery powered electric motors for zero emission driving. The batteries are charged via a mains supply and through regenerative braking. Continual advances have greatly extended their driving range, boosted their torque, reduced charging times and established a better recharging infrastructure.

The Benefits of Hybrid

  • Reduced CO2 emissions, helping to protect air quality with the support of an electric motor​
  • Impressive fuel economy with the ability to travel further for less

With the choice of Self-Charging Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid, each is supported by an electric motor to different degrees which will influence fuel economy and level of emissions.​

Self-Charging Hybrid engines

A hybrid engine is primarily powered by a combustion engine with electric support and will feel like a normal vehicle to drive however is able to run on Electric when decelerating or whilst stopped - conserving fuel at regular intervals on your daily drive. 

The electric motor assists in acceleration and can even power the car completely in certain situations such as cruising at a constant speed. The battery doesn’t need to be charged from a mains supply; it is instead charged by regenerative braking when the vehicle decelerates.

Plug-In Hybrid engines

Travel further on just the electric motor with a plug-in hybrid which has a much larger battery capacity that can be charged using an external power source such as a home charging point or public charging station.

The combined engine gives a much greater driving range than a standard hybrid, allowing you to travel solely on the electric motor for zero emissions.

The Benefits of Electric Vehicles

  • Zero emissions
  • Travel in low emission zones
  • £3000 Government Incentive to purchase an electric vehicle
  • Reduced maintenance costs

With manufacturers making huge investment in offering electric vehicles, driving range has increased to enable you to drive an electric vehicle without disruption to your daily or even weekly plans, whilst still enjoying driving performance.

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