Summer Health Check at Motorvogue

It's important to look after your car, at Motorvogue Dacia we offer a Summer Health Check for only £19.99 and our Dacia experts will check the following:

Fluid Levels

  • Brake fluid level (top up if required)
  • Oil level (top up with up to one litre if required)
  • Level of wash/wipe system (top up if required)
  • Cooling system condition (top up if required)


  • Condition of all auxiliary engine drive belts and pulleys
  • Engine and components in engine bay (check for excessive noise and smoke)
  • Record antifreeze strength
  • Tension of all drive belts
  • Master cylinder/servo for leaks and operation
  • Driveshaft joints and gaiters
  • Swivel joints
  • Steering system for wear/damage
  • Oil level of power steering system


  • Condition, suitability, wear and tread depth of all tyres
  • Pressures (adjust if required)


  • Thickness/condition of front and rear shoes/pads/discs
  • All brake hoses/pipes/cables


  • Dashboard warning lamps
  • Exterior and interior lights
  • Horn

We'll also check the Dacia database for vehicle and software enhancement.

dacia logan mcv at Motorvogue