All-New Renault Megane E-TECH
The All-New MEGANE E-Tech 100% Electric Coming Soon
All-New Renault Megane E-TECH
All-New MEGANE E-Tech

The All-New Renault MEGANE E-Tech 100% Electric

Coming Soon to Motorvogue in Bedford and Kings Lynn.

100% Electric with 292 mile driving range

The All-New Mégane E-Tech Electric is the first model in the Renault range to benefit from all the Alliance's CMF-EV platform has to offer. This new benchmark platform is dedicated to all-electric vehicles and makes it easier to manufacture, develop, and optimise performance of new-generation models.

Thanks to disruptive technology and batteries with greater capacity, the CMF-EV platform offers the opportunity to increase the energy efficiency and range of an electric car while reducing its charging time. The power and comfort when sitting behind the wheel are also greatly enhanced thanks to an overhaul of the chassis and steering systems and a lowered centre of gravity made possible thanks to the batteries mounted under the floor.

The All-New Mégane E-Tech Electric comes with a choice of two battery capacities: 40kWh for a range of 186 miles (WLTP cycle), and 60kWh for a range of up to 292 miles (WLTP cycle, depending on model). The 40-kWh battery is made of 8 modules of 24 cells each, distributed over a single layer. The 60-kWh battery consists of 12 modules of 24 cells each, spread over two layers. In both cases, the battery’s dimensions remain unchanged, including the record height of 110mm (1960mm length and 1450mm width).

Charge times are among the fastest on the market:

  • Up to 248 miles of mixed driving recovered overnight (8 hours) with a 7.4kW wallbox
  • Up to 99 miles of urban driving recovered in 1 hour, with a 22kW public charging station
  • Up to 124 miles of motorway driving recovered in 30 minutes with a 130kW fast charging station
  • Up to 186 miles WLTP recovered in 30 minutes with a 130kW fast charging station 

220hp with instant torque and 0-62 mph in 7.4 seconds.

All-New Renault Megane E-TECH


Its SUV-like front end and compact saloon body give it an exceptional look. The signature full LED front light, 3D iridescent band at the rear, gold chrome accents and black starburst roof reveal a completely original design.

With the extended wheelbase (2.70m for a total length of 4.21m) and reduced overhang offered by the new CMF-EV modular platform, the All-New Mégane E-Tech Electric features a battery that is thinner than ever (only 110mm) allowing the designers to refine the external proportions while also boosting the car’s interior roominess vs. footprint ratio and lowering the centre of gravity for a more exciting driving experience.

Features directly inspired from the world of crossovers give a sense of robustness: large 20-inch wheels, protective strips on the lower body and wheel arches, and a high beltline. The line of the roof, wide tracks, and flush door handles feel more like a coupé. The height, spaciousness, and boot volume are reminiscent of traditional hatchback models.

Equipped with high-tech lights and new light signature, the All-New Mégane E-Tech Electric comes to life when you approach it, displaying a unique welcome sequence that is enhanced by a string of light and sound effects.

Each version of the All-New Mégane E-Tech Electric incorporates flush door handles. When the driver or front passenger approaches, or when the vehicle is unlocked, the handles hidden in the body automatically glide out. They pop back into place after two minutes of remaining stationary, when the car begins to move forward, or when the doors are locked.

All-New Renault Megane E-TECH
All-New Renault Megane E-TECH

The All-New Mégane E-Tech Electric leverages the CMF-EV platform’s best aspects to offer the roomiest interior related to its footprint. Driver and passengers alike enjoy an obstacle-free environment with optimal comfort and a touch of modernity from the new OpenR screen. 

The OpenR screen has a display area like no other: a 12.3-inch dashboard screen (1920 x 720 pixels, landscape) and 12-inch multimedia screen (1250 x 1562 pixels, portrait). The entry level model features a 9-inch multimedia screen (1250 x 834 pixels, landscape). It incorporates the latest-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 4K multiple display capabilities, and advanced connectivity with USB-C ports. 

Upholstery on the entry trim level is made entirely out of 100% recycled materials. The mid-level trim with combined TEP/fabric upholstery is also 100% recycled. Lastly, the front and rear backrests and seat panels on the premium trim are entirely leather. 

The boot boasts a total volume of 440 litres while the charging cables have their own 22-litre storage area accessible via a removable boot floor panel. Boot capacity can be increased with the rear seats folded down in a 60:30 format and the front passenger seat folded up.

Renault 5 Year Warranty

Warranty for models registered from 18th December 2019

Your Renault car is covered by a warranty package for up to 5 years from date of first registration with unlimited mileage the first 24 months, then limited to a total of 100,000 miles or 5 years whichever comes first.

8 Year Battery Warranty

The battery is covered by an 8 year warranty and will be replaced free of charge should they deteriorate to less than 70% of their nominal capacity.